Only 1% Of Lucifer Fans Will Get 100% In This Quiz. Can You? | Netflix

BLOODY HELL! After six incredible seasons, the finale of Lucifer is now streaming on Netflix. Think you're a true Lucifan? It's time for the ultimate Mr Morningstar quiz. Be warned: only the baddest of devils can get 100% of the answers correct.

0:00 - 0:15 - Lucifer Quiz

0:16 - 0:35 - What is the name of the nightclub that Lucifer runs with Maze in Los Angeles?

0:36 - 0:53 - What is the name ‘Maze’ short for?

0:54 - 1:13 - What is Daniel Espinoza’s nickname?

1:14 - 1:36 - What Radiohead song does Lucifer play on the piano at the start of Season 4?

1:37 - 1:54 - What is the name of the TV show based on Lucifer?

1:55 - 2:16 - What is the first song that alerts Lucifer to God’s interference?

2:17 - 2:35 - What musical icon did Neil Gaiman base Lucifer on?

2:36 - 2:52 - What is Lucifer’s number plate?

2:53 - 3:18 - What year was Trixie born?

3:19 - 3:39 - What name is Lucifer “particularly fond of”?

3:40 - 4:03 - What demon possesses the body of Father Kinley in Season 4?

4:04 - 4:24 - Which actor played Daniel Espinoza in the pilot episode?

4:25 - 4:44 - Which dish does Lucifer bring to his meal with God in Season 5?

4:45 - 5:03 - Which prestigious university was Dr Linda Martin educated at?

5:04 - 5:45 - What gift does Lucifer give Chloe for a birthday in Season 3?


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Only 1% Of Lucifer Fans Will Get 100% In This Quiz. Can You? | Netflix

Lucifer makes a tumultuous return to the land of the living in hopes of making things right with Chloe. A devil’s work is never done.